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Screening Tool

Click below to access screening for trafficking among homeless young adults.


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The United States Department of Justice

Click below to view the U.S. Department of Justice’s information and updates regarding human trafficking.

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The 2018 Annual Report

The South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force was legislatively mandated in 2012 to combat this crime through the combined efforts of state agencies, non-profit leaders, and community advocates.

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A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence. Exited Prostitution Survivor Policy Platform.  

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Guiding Principles For Agencies Serving Survivors of Human Trafficking

The Administration for Children and Families Region 4 Southeast Regional Human Trafficking Advisory Group has convened since 2016 to improve coordination and services to survivors of labor and sex trafficking.  

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds


Above the Clouds
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What We Know About Sex Trafficking, Prostitution, and Sexual Exploitation in the U.S.

Statistics and data in these fact sheets can be utilized with utmost confidence, as the methodologies and findings have been carefully vetted.


2017 Jody Raphael and Katie Feifer

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Polaris Project

Polaris uses data-driven strategies to prevent and disrupt human trafficking, a $150 billion industry that robs 25 million around the world of their freedom.

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Rights 4 Girls

Rights4Girls is a human rights organization dedicated to ending gender-based violence against young women and girls in the U.S. We work to change the narrative as well as policies that allow girls to be criminalized when they are victimized; and advocate for approaches that provide girls and young women with safety and support.  

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The South Carolina Attorney General Human Trafficking Task Force

Collectively, members contribute hours of service through presentations, trainings, and other projects. We encourage you to become a community advocate and contribute toward the prevention of human trafficking. 

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

This page provides relevant links to laws, issue briefs, research, and other tools to assist homeless service providers in combatting human trafficking.


Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds
Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking.p
The Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking and Their Implications for Identifying Victims in Healthcare Facilities

See chart attached for common forms of violent and degrading acts survivors have endured. 


2014 Laura J. Lederer and Christopher A. Wetzel

Psychotherapy for Commercially Sexually
Psychotherapy for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children

A Guide for Community-Based Behavioral Health Practitioners and Agencies.

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Announcing New Training Modules on SOAR!

SOAR Online is a series of continuing education/continuing medical education (CE/CME) training modules that can be completed whenever, wherever you like.  

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds