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Who We Are

The U.S. Department of State declares human trafficking is a global problem solved on a LOCAL level

through a coordinated multidisciplinary response.


Established in 2018, the Tri-County Human Trafficking Task Force uses prevention, prosecution, protection, and partnerships to implement a coordinated community response against sex and labor trafficking.


The Tri-County Human Trafficking Task Force is named by the S.C. Attorney General as the official regional task force in our area.


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Continuum of Care to Address Human Trafficking

~ Revised from the S.C. Human Trafficking Task Force's 2018 Annual Report


Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission: Implementing a trauma informed coordinated community response to end human trafficking in the Tri-County area.


Vision: To end Human Trafficking in the Tri-County area and ensure survivors and victims have access to sustainable services and support.


Be brave - Courage building work (in the arena)

  • I set clear boundaries with others

  • I lean into difficult situations, conversations, meetings, and decisions and check my motivations

  • I talk to people, not about them 

  • I professionally give and receive feedback


Serve the work - Stewardship (evidence-based)

  • I take responsibility for our community’s experience

  • I am responsible for the energy I bring to situations so I work to stay positive

  • I take ownership to adapting to the fast pace of this environment and move forward toward solutions

  • I commit to innovation and excellence, remaining current and evidence-based 


Take good care - How we take care of ourselves and each other (victim-centered)

  • I treat my colleagues with respect and compassion by responding when appropriate in a timely and professional manner

  • I practice gratitude with my team and colleagues

  • I am mindful of other people’s time

  • I am trauma informed in my interactions

People Walking
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