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Adult Students

Education and Prevention

The Education and Prevention Subcommittee aims to bring public awareness to the signs of human trafficking. The Education and Prevention Subcommittee operates with 4 primary focuses: Schools, Social Media, Buyer Education, and Public Training.

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Programing in schools includes student education on human trafficking and pornography, mandated reporter responsibility training for teachers, sign postings, and Youth Advocacy Clubs.

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The Subcommittee works through social media to facilitate conversation about the topics of and related to human trafficking in the Tri-County, State, Nation, and beyond - Follow us!

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Demand (buyers)

Buyers and consumers of prostitution, pornography, and anything else on the menu of commercial sex services often do not realize that they are contributing to something much bigger than one transaction. Buyer education aims to address human trafficking from the demand side by shedding light on the underbelly of commercial sex services.


Public training pertains to community groups such as churches, rotary clubs, scouting, and more. If you are interested in learning more about how you can stand up against human trafficking, hit the “request a training” button down below.

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